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"I Will Bless Adonai Who Counsels Me,

Even In The Night My Heart Instructs Me" King David

The Dream Helper

"The Dream Helper" is the Life Coaching, Dream Interpretation And Spiritual Support aspect of 

Psalm 16 Media And Equipping Ministry.

The Dream Helper connects you with an 

Independent Coach or Counselor or 

Pastor of your choice. 

Psalm 16 Spiritual Advising Services

*Donation Based Spiritual Advising And Coaching

Are you searching for the Calling on your life and how you were designed to best serve the Kingdom?

Do you have a Dream you just can't shake? 

One that you believe holds instruction for your life but you haven't been able to unlock its meaning?

Brian Newman offers Dream Interpretation and Spiritual and Practical Guidance as part of Psalm 16 Spiritual Advising

He will help you find the meaning of your Dream from a Judeo-Christian perspective and also direct you to the resources needed for issues and hold ups revealed in your dream.

He will also help you unlock the barriers holding you back from reaching your God given Dreams. He will work with you to help you find how your Spiritual Gifting and Abilities best serve the Kingdom as part of a the 5 Fold Ministry or outside the Church.

Brian provides a 30 minute/half hour telephone session with interpretation, spiritual life coaching and links to resources is a Suggested Donation of 30 dollars to compensate for time spent.

 Brian Newman is a United States Air Force Veteran, TV Show, Podcast Host, Hebrew Hearts Singles Outreach Founder, Psalm 16 Equipping and Media Ministry Founder, Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Court Appointed Special Advocate, former Peer Support Recovery Specialist and a Graduate of the Streams Ministries Dream Interpretation Course.

He also holds a Master of Arts in Human Services (emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling) from Liberty University. 

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Contact Us


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Please contact us using the form to the left or by emailing to schedule a 30 minute 

Psalm 16 Spiritual Advising Session.

Tips for best results if reaching out about a Dream:

Be in prayer about your Dreams, your Questions, your Giftings.

Note everything highlighted to you and bring it to your consult.

Ensure that you have a quiet, uninterrupted place to receive your telephone consult. Brian is sometimes available in person for those in the Greater Chattanooga/Cleveland Tennessee area. 

For resources on understanding Christian Dream Interpretation check out 

(the resource library Psalm 16 Ministry has assembled).

Help Keep "Let's Talk Shalom' On The Air!

Brian appreciates your Prayer Support and Financial Support.

Your Donations helps me keep this vital programming on the air.

Please consider a monthly recurring donation to support the Mission.

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