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Resources For Mental, Emotional, Natural and Spiritual Health

Aviv Sites

Media Marketing And Web Design

Founder: Jonathan Lankford

Celebrate Recovery

Christian Based 12 Step

For Those Who Struggles With

Addictions, Dysfunctional Relationships, Emotional Difficulties, Trauma or with Food.

Childcare and Dinner are both usually provided in your area.

Healing Rooms

Prayers, Intercession and Deliverance Ministry by Appointment in your area.

Focus On The Family

Referral Line to find Licensed Christian Counselors and Therapists in your area.

Brian Recommends:

Referrals For Life Coaching, Therapy And Naturopathic Health

(Please Mention Psalm 16 When You Reach Out)

The Dream Helper

"The Dream Helper" is the Life Coaching, Dream Interpretation And Spiritual Support aspect of 

Psalm 16 Media And Equipping Ministry.

The Dream Helper connects you with an 

Independent Coach or Counselor or 

Pastor of your choice. 

Dr. Angel Storm : Coach for Coaches And Entrepreneurs

Dr. Angel Storm

Coaching For Coaches And

Business Consulting For Entrepreneurs

I'm Angel Storm and I'm the owner of The Manifold Mind and The Manifold Marketplace. I've been a life coach for nearly 5 years and just recently changed the focus of my coaching on to coaching coaches and leaders. Prior to that I specialized in narcissistic abuse recovery. If you're a coach looking to revitalize yourself or your business, I'd love to work with you! If you're a narcissistic abuse Victor and are looking for resources, my YouTube channel has a ton of videos available for you and nearly all of my products are listed on my website for free.

My second business, The Manifold Marketplace, is a place where want-repreneurs are equipped to become entrepreneurs and truly own their business/es. If you're looking to start your business or redesign one that you're already operating on a complete and firm foundation, you can schedule an appointment with me to see if we're a good fit for each other! All my links are listed below.

Very short version: I'm Angel Storm and I coach coaches to find passion for their calling and I help people create legacies in the marketplace. My coaching specialized in narcissistic abuse recovery for four years, so I have a wealth of videos and products that are free on my website below

🙌 Coaches, Connect with Me Here:

🖐️ Entrepreneurs, Connect with Me Here:

✨ Narcissistic Abuse Victors, Connect with Me Here:

🎥 Check Out My YouTube Channel Here: ✍️ Subscribe to My YouTube Here:

Ask Annalisa

Life And Relationship Coaching

Life & Relationship Coaching since 2007, I love Coaching on how to live your best life! Our Decisions today = Our Happy Tomorrows! 678.431.6528

Kia Hiepler

Trauma Recovery Coaching

(Specializing In Helping Victims Of Spiritual Abuse)

Coach Rian 

Davis Health And Wellness Coaching

(Personal Trainer,  helping you develop a healthy relationship with food while getting you in shape safely.)

Carole Ann Holsapple

Peri-Natal Coaching And Registered Nurse

Enneagram Coach And Pastor, Dr. Tom LaHue

Dr. Tom LaHue, Enneagram Life And Relationship Coach

(Relationship and Personal Growth Coaching Through The 

Enneagram Personality Model of Identifying Growth Areas )

Natural Health And Nutritionists List

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