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The "Shalom Letters" Podcast

"Shalom Letters" was a podcast by Melissa Collins and Brian Newman that invited you into timely conversations, commentary, and interviews to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches today.

Dream Interpretation:

The Mountain

Dream Interpretation:

The Woman Who 

Struggled To Walk

Types Of Dreams

(Interview with 

Brian Newman)

Dream Interpretation:

The Pastor And His Son

The 12:1 Conference

 With Jim Staley And 

Nathan Harmon 

Recapping The Experience

Podcast Managed by 

Anchor FM

Dream Interpretation:

Strengthening The Arms

That Hang Limp

Hugging The Homeless

In-Tents Updates

Dream Interpretation:

Rising Above

Melissa's Minutes:

Rich Strike


Dream Coaching

Becoming A 5 Fold Ministry

Melissa's Minutes:

Be Prepared Not Scared

Fear Dreams And

Jeremiah 29

Spirit And Truth:

Our Feast Of Pentecost Recap

Melissa's Minutes:
Encounter At The Well

Interview With:
A Modern Day Samaritan Woman (Laura Lee)

The Dream Helper

Do you need help with your Dreams, with Spiritual Guidance or Coaching for Life Decisions?

Reach out to

The Dream Helper!

The Coaching Branch of 
Psalm 16 Ministry

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